Thursday, August 04, 2011

Baghdad regime stole the Iraqi-Jewish archives

Remember the Iraqi-Jewish archives and the stink of hypocrisy rising from the 'tug-of-war' over them ? Cutting Edge News has published the following letter:

Just as the US is allocating $3 million for the restoration of the so-called "Iraqi-Jewish" archive, found in the flooded basement of the Iraqi secret police HQ in 2003, Baghdad has ramped up its campaign to have the documents returned from Washington to Iraq. Regrettably, press coverage of the "tug-of-war" glosses over the fact that the documents, scrolls and books, which Iraq now claims as part of its "national heritage," were stolen by Iraq’s secret police from private Jewish homes and synagogues.

Assuming that Iraq has the resources and capability to restore the archives, there is no guarantee that they would be accessible to all, particularly since Iraq remains deeply hostile to Jews.

If Iraq wants to learn about its Jewish heritage it should begin by honestly acknowledging its responsibility for brutally ‘ethnically cleansing’ its 2,600-year-old Jewish community--now reduced from 150,000 to seven.

It would be a fitting gesture of atonement for Iraq to concede that the collection be returned to its rightful owners in Israel, where 90 percent of Iraqi Jews and their descendants now live.

Lyn Julius

(French) - 10 August 2011, p 18 (Not online)

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