Thursday, June 09, 2011

A touch of Morocco in the heart of Jerusalem

The newly-restored North African Jewish Heritage centre is about to be re-dedicated in the heart of Jerusalem, decorated in original zellige tiles executed by Moroccan craftsmen especially brought into Israel. The project has not been without its hiccups and controversies, but is set to become a major Jerusalem tourist attraction, Haaretz reports (with thanks: Michelle):

When you ask 24-year-old Abdullah Dara his profession, he replies "soccer player." But for the last few months, the 24-year-old from Rabat, Morocco has been working in Jerusalem - in the family business.

Dara is an expert in the art of zellige, the Moroccan mosaics that decorate walls and floors. His work involves preparing ceramic surfaces painted in various colors and breaking them with a delicate hammer into thousands of tiny, identical pieces. Then he and other workers arrange the miniature pieces into a giant puzzle to create a beautiful colored surface.

the David Amar World Center for North African Jewish Heritage - Daniel Bar-On - June 8 2011

After years of painstaking work by Moroccan artisans, the David Amar World Center for North African Jewish Heritage is to be dedicated in Jerusalem on Sunday. (Photo: Daniel Bar-On)

For the last few years, a team of Moroccan workers has been immersed in a zellige project in the heart of Jerusalem - the renewal of the David Amar World Center for North African Jewish Heritage.

The center will be dedicated on Sunday in the presence of President Shimon Peres and former President Yitzhak Navon. Dara did not hesitate to come to Israel. "We work all over the world," he says. "My brother has already worked in Spain, Dubai and France."

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Silke said...

first something is wrong with your links, on the site itself I don't find a permalink for your post. If I click on the headline I land straight at Haaretz, same with the following piece - I reached this link via the RSS-feed.

OT and doubly so
but it makes me think, that
when they have no Jews left, they go for ...

So if I were Jewish, would I trust them?

bataween said...

Silke, this is the permalink
(I have tested it, but there does not seem to be a problem)
Re. your second point, I would be flattered if PoNR were considered important enought to be targeted in a cyberwar !!!

Silke said...

OK I try again and correct my omission:

if I go to here: and then I click on the headline "A touch ..." I land straight at Haaretz. That to me seems unusual but of course most of the time I access you from the RSS-feed.

So and here is the link I wanted to give you - I must have sounded quite bonkers to you - on the other hand getting hacked would be an honour and help your notoriety (which I wish for urgently).

This video shows Shaykh Ashraf Yusuf Hassan in the middle of a mob of Muslims, calling on them to burn down churches in the Cairo district of Imbaba. The original Arabic-language video was posted on YouTube on 9 May, just two days after the church was burned down. Twelve were killed and 52 wounded in just the latest round of violence against Egypt's Coptic Christian minority. Apparently 48 Muslims and Christians have been arrested in connection with this incident, yet reportedly the man in this video continues to go free.

bataween said...

Hi Silke
No , what you discovered is not unusual: there is a link to the original source in the heading and again at the base of the post.

Shocking video showing utter contempt for the Christian'dogs'.