Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ayalon to brief press on Jewish refugees

With thanks: Eliyahu

It may have been ignored by most of the world, but we noticed. Yes, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu actually said it. He mentioned Jewish refugees to President Obama (See clip). Now Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon (above) is striking while the iron is hot. Here is the text of a Foreign Ministry media release:

Tomorrow, Monday 23rd May, Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon will speak at a media briefing on the subject of the Jewish refugees from Arab lands and its significance for negotiations and the peace process.

The briefing will also include speakers from JIMENA (Jews Indigenous to the Middle East and Northern Africa), who will talk about the history, significance and legal aspects of the Jewish refugee issue. This issue is especially relevant in light of the attention brought to it during Prime Minister Netanyahu's meeting with President Obama and the recent events surrounding the commemoration of the so-called Palestinian 'Nakba' .

The briefing will begin at 12:00 at MediaCentral (8 HaRav Kook Street, Jerusalem). The briefing is open to the media and will include a question and answer session.

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aparatchik said...

Better late than never, thank G-d!