Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Jews killed in Moroccan cafe bombing

Michal Wizman, who died with her husband Mesod in the cafe bombing. Their son survives them.

Two Jews* are among the 15 people killed a bomb explosion in the Moroccan town of Marrakesh today, according to Israel National News in Russian.

More than 20 were injured. Almost all the victims are foreign tourists.

At first the authorities announced that the incident was a domestic accident - caused by exploding gas tanks - but soon they were forced to acknowledge that what happened had been a terrorist attack.

The Jewish couple who died arrived in Morocco for Passover to mark the holiday with an elderly parent.

* a third Jew, a travel writer of British nationality, also died.

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Update to the update: a man on the run in a cagoule was arrested on 30 April some 80 kilometres from Marrakesh, and his bag of explosives detonated by police. (Source: Dafina)

Update (The Jerusalem Post): The dead were a pregnant Israeli and her Moroccan Jewish husband. Their two-year old son was being cared for by his grandparents in Casablanca.

The blast at the Argana cafe killed 15 people

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Couple buried in Israel


Anonymous said...

why in heaven's name do Jews go to Arab countries for a holiday?
i still recall my dread at this one day passage in Cairo when on a Mediterranean cruise.
Suzy Vidal

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Carlo Panella, an Italian expert on Islamic history and extremism, reports that the number of those killed is up to 17.

amie said...

Peter Moss, British Jewish comedian and travel writer, was also killed in the Morocco bombing.

Anonymous said...

I only hope someone said a Kadish
suzy Vidal

Anonymous said...

I want a Jewish Husband now I'm not afraid to die,must be koshered,keep God's Law's,and take me back to Israel with him.yruwshalem sabaoth filled with The Holy