Thursday, March 03, 2011

No place like Israel, says Gaddafi's Jewish cousin

It was only a matter of time before the media once again picked up the story 'Is Gaddafi a Jew?' Once again - because it's old news for regular Point of No Return readers. This post went up over two years ago, but lately has been attracting hundreds of hits. Since her last TV appearance Guita Brown (or Boaron) has aged quite a bit, and much of what she says has to be taken with a large pinch of salt. For instance, (contrary to what she says) Gaddafi has been anti-Jewish since taking power in 1969. He has led Jews a merry dance by promising compensation, but as far as I know, has not paid out one dinar for seized property. From Arutz Sheva (with thanks: Lesley):

"Qaddafi’s grandmother is my grandmother’s sister," explained Boaron. "His grandmother is my father’s grandmother. She was Jewish, became Muslim and married the town sheikh. She had children and he’s her grandson so he’s considered Jewish because his mother was born to a Jewish mother. So it means he’s Jewish.”

Boaron, who heard the story about Qaddafi's Jewish roots from her mother as she was growing up, said that her family has never even considered getting closer to Qaddafi, since "There’s no place like Israel," as she put it.

She noted that it is only recently that Qaddafi has really become anti-Jewish.

"He always loved the Jews and didn’t do anything bad to them," she said. "The moment he started to speak against the Jews, I said: ‘Just wait. He’ll get what’s coming to him.’ Two weeks later the protests started there.”

Boaron noted the historically good connections that Qaddafi had with the Jewish people. "They say he had connections with the Jews. His son is going to marry a Jewish woman, maybe he already married her. It was in the media, that his son married a Jewish woman from Italy or France."

She described the current situation in the Arab world as "chaos. One eats the other. May they eat one another and not us."

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Anonymous said...

time immemorial it has been fashionable to try and find Jewish roots to various dictators. There is a hidden motive in that: show everyone how "these Yehud" really are. I've heard it for Nasser too. But we in Egypt knew that his father was a postman profession only open to "real Egyptians" as they said: i.e.Muslims.I've heard it for Hitler too. His grandmother or something was Jewish. See how these "bad Jews" turn out?
i heard it for 9/11 and the twin towers:It's the Jews who did it etc.Next thing we will hear is: Ugo Shavez has a Jewish grandma.
Kalam fadi: words with no substance
suzy vidal aka sultana latifa
personally i did not know we were so far-reaching