Monday, January 31, 2011

Murder victim's son kidnapped in Yemen

Moshe al-Nahari pictured dancing at a wedding

Supporters of the murderer of Moshe al-Nahari, a Yemeni Jew gunned down in 2008, have kidnapped his son in order to thwart a court decision upholding the killer's execution - and force al-Nahari's family to accept blood money instead. Elder of Ziyon has calculated that this amounts to a derisory $25,000. (Via EoZ)

From Yemen Post (h/t Jawa Report):
"A Yemeni Jewish child was kidnapped from Reda district in Amran province on Saturday, informed source told media outlets.

Yameen Ameran Al-Nahari, 8 years, disappeared while the Jewish community was practising their religious rituals on the weekend.

Sources said that the kidnapping of the child targeted to pressure the Jewish community to forgive Abdul-Aziz Al-Abdi, who shot dead a Jewish fellow citizen, Mashaa Yehiya bin Yaeesh Al-Nahari, and accept his fine in which he will pay 5.5 million riyals.

Lately, a Yemeni court upheld a death sentence on a Muslim man after being accused of killing a Jewish citizen."

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