Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How do you like your Mazbout? One sugar or four ?

With thanks: Joe

Films from Alexandria, broken hearts and Foul Mesdames - that's the sum total of Hila Alpert's experience of Egyptian culture! Nothing that Levana Zamir can't put right. In her Tel Aviv apartment Levana, herself the author of a famous book on Egyptian cuisine, takes Hila on a Cook's Tour of Egyptian food and drink, beginning with Cafe Mazbout. The wesh or foam on the top brings luck. Add (plenty of) sugar to taste.

Just add hot water to a spoonful of rosewater jam, made with choice petals, to turn it into a delicious drink.

We move on to serious cuisine, including the celebrated date-filled Menena pastry, and the crowning glory of Egyptian-Jewish food, molokheya.

Edfadli! Welcome - and enjoy....

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