Sunday, August 01, 2010

Turkish Jews seek boltholes in Israel 'just in case'

The crisis between Israel and Turkey has led dozens of wealthy Jewish families in Istanbul to consider purchasing luxury apartments in the Tel Aviv area, the Yedioth Ahronoth daily reported Wednesday.

According to the report, the Turkish families are looking to purchase real estate in Israel in case anti-Semitism in the Muslim country escalates to such a level that they will be forced to flee.

"Since the Gaza flotilla affair, Turkish business people began looking for high-end apartments in Tel Aviv," said Roni Cohen, the CEO of Eldar, a company that markets exclusive housing projects. "The number of requests for apartments has grown as the diplomatic crisis escalated."

Cohen said the Turkish Jew who approached him said they felt persecuted, and fear Turkey will strengthen its ties to Iran and drift further from the West.

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zain khan said...

between lines u are blaming turky for displacement of jews. though there is no such news aired. turky is secular country. the state of isreal would have answer to world regarding Gaza flotilla. eight peace keepers were shot dead by isreals.

where as u mentioned wealthy jews it means they are enjoying secular state facilities.

bataween said...

Very peaceful those 'peace keepers' of yours:
Turkey is no longer the secular country it was - that's why these Jews are really worried.
They're not yet displaced, still hedging their bets, but its a sign of great insecurity.