Sunday, August 01, 2010

Jewish refugees programme is a revelation

Jewish refugee girl, photographed by the celebrated Robert Capa

It doesn't happen very often that the media spotlight turns to Jewish refugees from the Middle East and North Africa. It's even more rare for a whole hour to be devoted to the subject. Revelation TV's programme last week on Jewish refugees was thus a double cause for celebration.

On the UK-based Christian TV station last Thursday, Mike Fryer interviewed Lyn Julius of Harif, a British association of Jews from the Middle East and N. Africa. Mike asked Lyn who were the Jewish refugees, what made them leave Arab countries, whether any countries had expressed any support for their compensation, and how their plight was connected to that of other oppressed non-Muslim communities. Lyn also answered questions from viewers. She urged her audience to play their own part in raising awareness of the issue by challenging the mainstream media whenever they mentioned Palestinian refugees without also mentioning Jewish refugees.

Update: the programme can now be viewed here over the Internet and on Youtube.

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suzy vidal said...

let me just give oyu the last lines of a poem i wrote and of which I was reminded when watching the protests in Cairo
Maalesh ya Zahra
Slowly flows the river Nile
Sadly beats my heart in exile
The luscious date and mango tree
i sure shall no longer see
etc etc
Kasr el Nil now has a motorway,
You wil not see a Jew on the way
They did not want us anywhere
So I shall never go back there
sultana latifa (suzy vidal) a Jewish refugee from Egypt