Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jewish leader's Libyan visit clouded by nostalgia

Radio Netherlands has a more informative account than AFP of Libyan Jewish leader Raphael Luzon's recent groundbreaking visit to Libya. But there is something disturbing about Luzon's brushing aside the terrible tragedy of his family's murder ('It happens everywhere in the world'). No, Mr Luzon, bad things do not just happen. They have causes: hatred, jealousy, bigotry. For true reconciliation to occur, people must be taken to task for their actions. What happened cannot be smothered in a veil of denial, nostalgia and patriotism. Besides, Luzon's willingness to forgive and forget is not reciprocated on the other side.

For more than 40 years, Raphael Luzon dreamed of returning to his birthplace in Libya. But the obstacles in his way were huge and it took years of patient lobbying before that dream was finally realised. Together with his sister and 86-year-old mother, Mr Luzon returned to the village (sic) of Benghazi recently for a reunion with loved ones that was, he told us, a mixture of tears and laughter.

Homesickness: A longing - sometimes melancholic, sometimes painful - for the security of something familiar.

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pic of magen avram synagogue taken today