Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Banned for posting 'historical truth' on Arabic site

A Jewish blogger has been banned from an internet forum for posting information about ancient Israel's history and the Jewish people in the Middle East.

Ahron Cohen, who runs an Arabic language site called Yahoodi1.com , educating Arabic-speakers about Jewish history, blames the 'Arabic thought police', 'who fear historical truth', for banning him from Yahoo Maktoob.

"Some of the moderators and and members who didn't like the idea insulted me non-stop, though I didn't take notice of their ignorance due to the many visitors who did watch the thread in the short time it was posted," Cohen said.

"It was clear that that they are afraid of being exposed to this information (especially in Arabic), otherwise how could they continue their mass education to hatred and ignorance about the history of the Jews, the basis of the history of Christians and Muslims in the Middle East?"

Cohen claims not to have insulted anyone and tried to speak gently in spite of the 'many racist and evil comments' they sent him.

Now Cohen has been banned from entering the Forum, let alone posting on it. Here is a free translation of the banning notice:

"You been banned from the Forum for the following reasons:

"You questioned the right of the 'Palestinian people' in their land and the claim that the Jews have rights on their land. Also, you made fitna (internal wars, because some Arabs sent Cohen questions and asked for more information) and attacked the Muslims and the Arabs who were interested in the Israeli 'occupation' (there was nothing about 'occupation' but about Israel's ancient history, Cohen claims); you also posted lies about the history. Ban indefinite."


Juniper in the Desert said...

He must start up his own blog then! I can assure him of many followers in UK. If he wants we can set it up in UK for him!

bataween said...

Cohen's got his own blog, but it's always more challenging to attract readers from other places!

Anonymous said...

thanks for raising the issue up,
Ahron Cohen

Anonymous said...

I think Mr Cohen should protest to Yahoo about this discrimination. Surely Yahoo has rules which do not permit exclusion based on status.

They should have to prove the charges, not just ban him because they are afraid of the truth.

You could also file with your state anti-discrimination agency - they won't be able to get you reinstated by themselves, but they can raise hell with Yahoo.

If they want to discriminate against Jews then they should pay for their own blog on their own server, and not use Yahoo. There is no reason to allow these creeps to get away with treating you like their dhimmi.