Wednesday, February 10, 2010

'Judenrein' Middle East views Jews unfavourably

With only some 4,000 Jews still living in Arab countries, we are now seeing the practical results of a judenrein Arab world: 90 percent of the Middle East views Jews unfavourably. Hardly surprising: Arabs no longer have personal contact with Jews. The only images they see are the negative propaganda on their TV screens - evil Israelis killing children or mutilating Gentiles, or devious hook-nosed black hats from Brooklyn conspiring to rule the world. The only people who have a favourable view of Jews are those Arabs who still live among Jews - Israeli Arabs. The Jerusalem Post reports:

"The Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes survey conducted last year paints a worrying picture of attitudes towards Jews in the Middle East.

"In the predominantly Muslim nations surveyed, views of Jews were overwhelmingly unfavorable. Nearly all in Jordan (97 percent), the Palestinian territories (97%) and Egypt (95%) held an unfavorable view. Similarly, 98% of Lebanese expressed an unfavorable opinion of Jews, including 98% among both Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, as well as 97% of Lebanese Christians.

"By contrast, only 35% of Israeli Arabs expressed a negative opinion of Jews, while 56% voiced a favorable opinion.

"The survey was conducted between May 18 to June 16, 2009.

"The sample size of each of the countries surveyed was over 1,000 people and the margin of error was 3%. Results for the surveys in these nations are based on face-to-face interviews conducted under the direction of Princeton Survey Research Associates International. All surveys are based on national samples, except in Pakistan where the sample was disproportionately urban.

"In Turkey, which has seen tense relations with Israel since Operation Cast Lead last January, the number of people who said they had a “very unfavorable” attitude towards Jews jumped from 32% in 2004 to 73% in the spring of 2009.

"Negative views of Jews were also widespread in the predominantly Muslim countries surveyed in Asia: More than seven-in-ten in Pakistan (78%) and Indonesia (74%) expressed unfavorable opinions."

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victor said...

How ironic indeed, that the incubator for Arab-Jewish co-existence is Israel.

Empress Trudy said...

Essentially zero people in the mideast know someone who knows someone who knows someone who's ever met a Jew. And when we're operating hot dog stands on the moon, they'll still be squatting round the camel dung fire shaking their tiny fists at God. Good luck with all that.

victor said...

How many of these Jew-hating countries came forward to help in the Haiti relief efforts?