Friday, February 26, 2010

Full text of Knesset Law passed 22 February 2010

The rights to compensation of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran, 22 February 2010


The purpose of this Law is to protect the rights to compensation of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran in the framework of peace negotiations in the Middle East.


In this Law --

"Refugee Jews from Arab countries and Iran" - who are any of the following:

(1) He is a citizen of Israel*, or lived there before the establishment of the state;

(2) He was a resident of Arab countries or Iran, and left mostly because he was persecuted on account of his Jewishness and his inability to defend himself against such persecution.

(3) He left property** he owned in his country of origin

**"Property" - land, assets, cash, rights, and other property seized by government order.

3. Negotiations to achieve peace

In negotiations to achieve peace in the Middle East, the government must include the issue of providing compensation for loss of property to Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran, including property owned by Jewish communities in these countries.


The Prime Minister is to be in charge of the implementation of this Law.

Signed by

Benjamin Netanyahu
Prime Minister

Shimon Peres

Reuven Rivlin
Speaker of the Knesset

* Although the Law applies only to Israeli citizens, a mechanism is being sought to cover Jewish refugees living outside Israel, similar to that for Holocaust survivors resident outside Israel.


Mark @ Israel said...

Indeed, its a point of no return. I think this law is promulgated in oder to safeguard the refugees and their rights. The Jewish people, I believe are indeed very stiff on these. They won't be signing any document unless they find security.

Anonymous said...

It is really sad to see that the ashkenazic political elite that runs Israel since it's foundation only now takes a stand (and only because of SHAS and to have another card to deal with the "palestinians" when negotiating) on this subject.

I thought that the israeli government would do something to defend the rights of the christian russians (imported as Jews in the 90's to inflate the country's population and to maintain an european majority and the status quo) before doing this....