Thursday, February 18, 2010

Act now to ensure refugees bill protects your rights

The Knesset is expected to adopt a bill safeguarding the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries next Monday 22 February. Stan Urman, Executive director of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) urges you to act now to ensure that the bill gets the widest support possible among MKs, and so that the interests of Jewish refugees living outside Israel are also protected :

FOR ISRAELI CITIZENS: Please e-mail or call any and all Knesset members that you can, urging them to get out and vote. This law must be adopted by the largest possible majority. (See link with the list of M"Ks)

FOR FOREIGN CITIZENS: Please write to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu urging him that, in any upcoming negotiations, he must represent the rights of all Jewish refugees from Arab countries, as Israel did for Holocaust survivors, irrespective of whether they eventually settled in Israel or elsewhere ( the email of the PM is with cc to )

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menashe said...

I urge ever jewish refugee to act now.It is very very important.Signed Menashe