Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shemesh draws up Iraqi-Jewish claims petition

An Israel-based association of Iraqi Jews, Shemesh, headed by lawyer David Nawi, is attempting to maintain pressure on the Israeli government to pursue Jewish compensation claims agains the Iraqi government. Nawi has drawn up a petition. (With thanks: Iraqijews)

The petition reads as follows:

"We hereby call on the Israeli government and the Knesset of Israel to take up with the Iraqi government the question of compensation for Jews from Iraq. Compensation is for property robbed, stolen and nationalised by the head of the Iraqi goevrnment Nouri al-Saeed in 1950-1951. And compensation for those who did not own property for pain, suffering and persecution under the militant Iraqi regime headed by Nouri al-Saeed.

"We again call on the government of Israel not to overlook this historic window of opportunity before us - a democratic Iraq, whose ministers have announced that it is possible to pay compensation to Jews originating from Iraq."

In September 2005, Nawi filed a suit with the Israeli High Court of Justice on behalf of his group, then named Shemesh-Shalom ve Shilumin. The suit sought to force the Israeli government to enter into compensation negotiations with the new Iraqi government.

Sign the petition here (Hebrew)

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