Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Iraq sees Knesset refugee bill as obstacle to peace

The Iraqi News Agency, WAI, has given coverage to the new bill introduced into the Knesset last month designed to safeguard the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. But the report spins the bill as an obstacle to peace, claiming it would 'block' any deal to resolve the conflict in the Middle East. (With thanks: Eli)

Quoting the Israeli newspaper Maariv, Firas Hammad writes that an Israeli Prime Minister would only put his signature on an agreement that would solve the problem of Palestinian refugees subject to compensation for Jewish refugees who came from Arab countries. Almost one million and a half million migrants left their property in those countries:

"According to this project would be impossible to sign any political agreement with a foreign country or entity, without obtaining the rights of Jewish refugees from Arab countries, any Jews who immigrated to Israel from Arab countries after the establishment of the State of Israel, leaving behind their belongings and their property, and who were "asylum-seekers" under the United Nations Convention on refugees. A comparison between the circumstances of Jewish refugees and Palestinians in the scope of any negotiations must be agreed for a solution to the problem of Palestinian refugees."

Hammad lapses into the Arab default position that the Jews were not in fact refugees: "the majority of Jews in Arab countries, went mostly to Israel and pay at the instigation and pressure from the Zionist movement," he claims.

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