Thursday, November 05, 2009

Coca Cola should not benefit from Bigio property

After 12 years of legal wrangling, the substantive issues of the Bigio case against Coca Cola are about to be heard in court, writes Richard Shulman on his blog:

A Jewish family from Egypt sued Coca Cola Company for occupying property there which the Nasser regime had confiscated from them when it persecuted the Jewish population in the 1960s. The suit contends that when the Company took over the property in 1994, it knew the circumstances of its availability to them.

The lawsuit began 12 years ago, but the Company preoccupied the courts with technical matters. Now the substantive issues finally are about to be heard.

The suit states “…that Nasser systematically persecuted Egypt’s Jews, and that his anti-Jewish program included police detention of Jews, the sequestration of Jewish-owned businesses and property, depriving Jews of Egyptian citizenship, and the expulsion of Jews from Egypt. Incredibly, Coca-Cola disputed the truth of these statements.”

Zionist Organization of America provides historical and regional context. The Arab world did not treat Jews as full citizens. With Israel’s formation, persecution intensified. Almost 900,000 Jews were expelled! In Egypt, the Jewish population of 75,000 fell to under 200. Coca Cola company should not benefit from this persecution, and to retain its benefit, deny that there was persecution.

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Raphael Bigio said...

Thank you for your support in publishing several stories, about our family lawsuit against coca-cola.

Our brothers and sister will not be forgotten.

Please visit :

Pesah Kasher ve Sameyah and all the best.

Raphael Bigio & family

bataween said...

Thank you Raphael, Hazak v'ematz in your struggle for justice.
Pesach sameah to you and yours