Monday, September 21, 2009

Stop ethnic cleansing of minorities, you are next

The Arab world has rid itself of its Jews. Now it's the turn of Christians. Writing in the Kuwaiti daily Al-Qabas, liberal Kuwaiti writer and commentator Ahmad Al-Sarraf contends that ethnically cleansing Christian minorities in Arab countries leads to increasing intolerance and extremism. Treat your non-Muslims as you would be treated as Muslims in the West, he advises. Via MEMRI:

"What sustained this stream of enforced emigration [of Christians from the Middle East] is the innumerable incidents of injustice to which local Christian minorities have been constantly subjected, and which in many areas have become routine. Thus, heads of [Christian] communities have been murdered; [Christian] places of worship have been set on fire; [Christian-owned] shops have been plundered; the Christians have been marginalized in their [host] societies, and their lives have been embittered - and this is only a partial list.

"These [iniquities] have prompted many [Christians] to leave their homeland, sometimes temporarily but more often for good, and to direct their steps westward, entrusting their fate to the munificence of Western countries and their citizens - which is precisely what [the anti-Christian elements] had set out to accomplish in the first place.

"What these aggressive [elements] do not realize, however, is that even when a particular religion, movement, or ethnic community is entirely annihilated, the ethnic cleansing will not stop; other ethnic communities and religions will be targeted, one by one, and ultimately large groups will attempt to annihilate one another. (My emphasis - ed)

"If we put Iraq aside for the present… we will find that the situation of Christians in some parts of Lebanon, in Gaza, and in Egypt is not good, and that their number is steadily decreasing. Yet despite this, a contemptible [columnist has published] a hostile article contending that Christians are about to invade and take over the East, and that the hordes of [Christian] missionaries [are advancing] at full speed. I really don't know what he is talking about.

"It is imperative to try to prevent the steady decrease in the Christian population of Arab and Muslim countries, [especially since] most of their Jewish residents emigrated in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The fewer Christians are left, the more extremist and the less accepting of the other we become, and the less able to understand the other's [position] or appreciate the conditions [in which he lives].

"The claim that [the Christians living in our midst] present a danger is nothing but loathsome and irrational extremism. Their centuries-long presence among us has not rendered us less dependent on our customs and traditions - and I say this despite of my distaste for both these notions. Our comparatively tolerant [attitudes]… have not prevented our region from becoming a breeding ground for benighted fundamentalism, which spreads outside it in all directions.

"I do not know when we will acknowledge that we are part of this world, and that just as we demand that all world countries, in particular Western countries, respect the beliefs of their Muslim citizens, enable them to practice their religion, and ensure their wellbeing - so must we act [fairly] towards non-Muslims in our midst. The extremists and boors in this wretched nation, [however,] think the exact opposite - namely, that while our coreligionists are entitled to every mark of respect, we are not obligated [to honor members of other religions] - since we alone are messengers of the true [religion]; we are right, while all the others have gone astray."

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Magdi Allam: Arabs without Jews, roots of a tragedy (scroll down)


Angie Nader said...

i hate when people post bull propoganda...especially to make western christians belive that the jews and christians are on the same team....WRONG!
I'm a Lebanese Christian and have lived in Lebanon..and have majority of my family living in Lebanon...the situation is good. there is no ethnic cleansing going on!
2 of my cousins are flight attendants for MEA and they go to all the mid east states..and have no problem anywhere...
this is a lie that you have posted...its not right to make people around the world to belive that in the middle east christians are being murdered when its not true!
this post is wrong on so many levels!
if you belive in god..u will definatly be punished for spreading such lies!

its wrong to get people to show sympathy based on lies..tell the truth...its the only fair thing to do!

bataween said...

It is not a lie to say that Chrstians are fleeing the Middle East. Their situation may not be so bad in Lebanon, but there used to be a majorty of Christians in Lebanon, and now there is a majoirty of Muslims. The numbers of Assyrian Christians in Iraq has gone down by half. Priests and barbers have been murdered. In Palestine, Christians used to be 80 percent of towns like Bethlehem. Now they are 10 percent.

Angie Nader said...

Christians arent fleeing the middle east due to persucution...(and im talking about the near east countries like Lebanon,Syria,Palistine, Jordan.
they are leaving because they are the only ones who have access to passports.
the reason me and my family Left Lebanon in 2006 was not due to the treatment of christians but because od the Israli bombs.

the post is saying that the christians are leaving basically due to ethnic cleansing...thats a lie! there is no ethnic cleansing of christians going on...

....and concerning the palistinian christians..they have also been persecuted by the do i know this? because i have many palistinian christian friends who have experianced it. as well as my cousin who went to jordan and isreal for a class she was studing regarding international politics....she was treated very poorly bye the isralis once they learned she was an american christian!(she didnt even mention she was lebanese) but they confrontd her on a street that they told her palistinians arent allowed..she showed them her passport..and they treated her horriable

bataween said...

Sorry to hear that your cousin had a bad experience with Israelis, but this hardly compares with the treatment that Christians have suffered in Gaza at the hands of Islamists ( a Christian bookshop torched) in Bethlehem (girls kidnapped, houses commandeered) in Egypt (Coptic girls kidnapped, anti-Christian riots).The plight of Christians is well documented, but it costs nothing to blame Israel.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

First of all, Angie, you ought to know that Hizbollah has a Nazi-like view of Jews. Such as: "Le microbe juif est partout." [the Jewish microbe is everywhere]. I read that quote from LeFigaro quoting a Hizbollah leader back in 1987 or 88. So the Hizb wants to murder us and sees us as the Nazis saw us.

Next, maybe the situation for the Christian minority in Lebanon is good. But this is not true of the Copts in Egypt. For instance, consider the recent beheading of an Egyptian Copt, at link:

Angie Nader said...

i dont really care about hizzbolla becasue i dont support them...and not all shia in lebanon support them eaither!...

as far as how the christians are being treated in palistine...they are getting worse treatment from isreal..even the aboonas were complaining how isreal prevented them from giving masses.

isrel want to create a country that is a jewish state..that means no christians or muslim! it is not democratic because to say u have to be a segregate based on relgion is discriminatory..the muslim and christian palistinians were living together before there was a isreal

bataween said...

Israel has one millon Arabs living in it, and 10 percent of them are Christian. There are Lebanese Chritians living in Israel too. All are equal citizens with full democratic rights. The only Chrstian population in the Middle East which is not declining is in Israel. The Christians of Jerusalem are much happier under Israeli rule than Jordanian. Instead of believing propaganda, try to find out for yourself!

Anonymous said...

there is no point arguing with the likes of Angie. These people will deny all facts and will constantly blame Israel (the only democratic country in the ME) for all the wrong goings in their countries. I guess it's worse for Christians, I am a Berber Muslim myself from Algeria and we are constantly persecuted by the Arabs and the extremist Islamics. Believe it or not, they blame Israel too for this and they accuse the Berbers of being zionists!!!
By the way Bataween, thanks for your blog that I follow with great interest. I wish all the people persecuted by the Arabo-Islamists (Jews, Berbers, Kurds, Christians) would unite to defend their interests against the racist, terrorist Arabo-Islamist ideology. It's unbeleivable how these people can get away with being the victims while they are the biggest racists and terrorists in this planet. It makes me SICK!!