Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Newsflash: Hosni loses to Bokova in UNESCO race

Tarek Heggy writes (with thanks: Desi)

"It is confirmed that Irina Bokova (from Bulgaria) is now (formally) the new head of the UNESCO, "the world's minister of culture". Bokova won in the fifth round of elections in Paris less than 100 minutes ago. However, the result was known to some people since
today morning.

Bokova has a track record of being a competent executive and also as a remarkable intellectual. Being a lady and from a relatively small country (together with her managerial and cultural qualities) are all promising factors."

UNESCO has issued this news release:

The 58 members of UNESCO’s Executive Board on 22 September designated Irina Gueorguieva Bokova (Bulgaria) as candidate to the post of Director-General. On 15 October, the nomination will be submitted to the approval of the General Conference, which brings together representatives of the Organization’s 193 Member States. Once confirmed, she will be the first woman Director-General of the Organization.

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Message from Bernard-Henri Lévy, one of three French intellectuals publically to protest against Hosni :

"Nous avons gagné. La liberté a gagné. La tolérance a gagné. Et, grâce a vous tous, le respect a gagné. Je tiens à vous remercier, vous internautes, qui vous êtes impliqués dans ce combat pour la démocratie et la paix. Merci à tout ceux qui ont refusé l’inacceptable et qui ont aidé à cette belle victoire. Merci à Liliane Lazar. Merci à tous ses étudiants qu’elle a engagés derrière elle et qui nous ont suivis dans cette campagne. Merci à Laurence Roblin, devenue experte en twittering, digging et autres flux RSS. Merci à l’équipe de Jean-Baptiste Descroix-Vernier qui, comme moi, a trouvé juste insupportable qu’un censeur, un ennemi de la vraie culture, un chasseur d’internautes et de bloggers, un adversaire de la liberté de la presse et de la pensée, puisse accéder à la direction de la plus haute institution culturelle mondiale. Merci à tout ceux qui, jusqu’à la dernière minute, quand nous avons découvert que Farouk Hosni avait aussi été un homme de l’ombre mêlé, dans une autre vie, à des opérations peu avouables, ont relayé nos messages et nos colères."

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My comment: The defeat of the avowedly Judeophobic Hosni is a victory for Jews from Egypt. UNESCO has hitherto been one of the less politicised of UN bodies: this is why Jews from Egypt had put their faith in UNESCO, under its previous Japanese director-general, to act as a counterweight to the Egyptian government on matters concerning the country's deteriorating Jewish heritage. If necessary, they could - and did - call on UNESCO to step in and take custody of the community's treasures and archives. The election of Farouk Hosni would have removed that option. If Farouk Hosni fails to keep his promise, made to Nebi Daniel, that he would make Jewish archives and registers accessible, the community will now have recourse to a 'neutral' third party.

Jerusalem Post article (with thanks: Lily)


Victor said...

This is a wonderful and glorious New Year's gift. Shana Tova, everybody!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammish said...

Great news indeed..
I can guess with my eyes closed what the Egyptian reaction would be now... "The JOOOZ are behind the loss of Hosni to the UNESCO position"...."these JOOOZ not only control all medias, finances, educational institutions, they control even the UN....

Yes, sure the most vocal opponents were jewish, because of what Hosni said (burning of Hebrew books in Egypt), thought still think (jewish conspiracy theories) and fervent intellectual support (of French virulent anti-semite Roger Garaudy)...

So are jews supposed just to accept this and smile and support his nomination.... Hell no....

It would have been a travesty of decency to have someone like him be the director of the most important global artistic and cultural organization in the world which strives to protect, enhance, and preverve cultural and ethnic diversity.... not destroy it, belittle it or undermine it...

Even his nomination was questionable, how can he or his Egyptian friends or allies think that after all the track records he left behind that he could have a chance of being elected.... I do not know.. maybe it is normal to be anti-semite I guess..

bataween said...

Sammish: how did you know?
"Egyptians blame Jews for UNESCO loss"

Sammish said...

Wasn't predictable with your eyes closed or even when you are sleeping? LOL

Do you think a subtle charming sophisticated proud elegant educated modern Egyptian would recognized that Hosni was not fit for the job?. Why not blame the Jooz.. they are after all blamed for everything.

Maybe in the case of Hosni UNESCO failure is the exception to the rule. After all prominent Jewish intellectuals were behind it and for a good reason I would say, but all the JOOZ in the world (I am not sure). Who would object to anti-semitism than the jews themselves. Well like they say: Every event has a cause.