Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mossad spy story plays in Lebanese cinemas

Shula Cohen in her Beirut days

A film about a Mossad spy in Beirut, Shula Cohen, has been playing in Lebanon's cinemas. The film, Shula Cohen the Pearl, shows her as a Madam in the worst possible light. Cohen underwent torture during seven years of imprisonment. She was honoured by Israel for her services to the Jewish people. (Via Lost tribe of Lebanon)

"Shula Cohen, the true story of a Jewish-Lebanese woman living in the 1940s, in Wadi Abu-Jmil, an area in Beirut that used to gather a big community of Lebanese Jews.

"For those of you who never heard of her, Shula Cohen was born in Jerusalem; at seventeen she married a wealthy Beirut merchant, with whom she raised seven children. She became a spy for Israel in Beirut, where her acceptance in Lebanese/Syrian social circles gave her unprecedented access to secret intelligence information.

"It started in 1947, on the eve of Israel's war of Independence, when she stumbled on some military intelligence and sent it on to Israel. Immediately, the nascent intelligence services tapped her to smuggle Jewish refugees from Syria across the Lebanese border. Shula helped thousands of Jews from Syria and Iraq come through Lebanon to Israel. She found escape routes for them by land, sea and air.

"In the 1950s, she organized a spy ring based in a Beirut nightclub (Rambo Club), and obtained for the Mossad secret Lebanese and Syrian documents.

"She was able to work for fourteen years before she was caught.

"Shula was arrested and convicted by the Lebanese government in the late 1950s, she spent seven years in prison –where she was repeatedly tortured - and was released in 1967, following the Six Day War as part of a prisoner's exchange.

"Amazing that a movie, entitled Shula Cohen, the pearl, was playing in cinema theatres in Lebanon.

"The reason they allowed it to play is that it distorts the truth and presents Shula as a prostitute/Madam/spy, who slept with high government officials, who gave away young girls to trap important Lebanese personalities; and who smuggled Jewish thieves into Israel.

"Because of course, when Jews escape pogroms, it can’t be only to save their lives. In the narrow minded Lebanese mentality, they must be guilty of something. In the movie, the Lebanese Jews are accused of stealing and embezzling money, while escaping; and they are accused of doing a huge damage to the Lebanese economy (!) In fact, the money they took along was only theirs and their only asset while they left behind lands and houses.

"Shula, at the end of the “movie” is shown in prison, as a privileged convict. The torture scenes are omitted."

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Angie Nader said...

if she was a should she be portrayed? thats nice she was a hero to isreal..
but to lebanon..she lived in the country...and betrayed it.
i never heard of her...but i am just going by what u say of her.

i think she should be betray a country who acts as your live ur a life a lie. is a lie, and a betrayl

Kevetching Hebrew said...

Blessing upon Blessing To our beloved Mother Shula Cohen. The self proclaimed Islamic animals could not break her. Now they slander her with lies which they do as if simply breathing. It is of course their nature. Golda lead the armies of Israel and defeated the Arab attacks as well and they curse her too.

G-d bless the women of Israel who are strong and righteous!

Crystal Calhoun said...

I just watched a short film about Shula Cohen in a series called "Against all Odds, Israel survives". It was incredible what she went through and how she lived through such hardships, tortures and confinement, and for so long. My heart breaks for her.

Anonymous said...

Yes, God bless Shula Cohen. Brave lady just like Esther.

Kawther Salam is being used by Satan. Satan is a liar and so are his tiny minions.

Anonymous said...

@ angie nader: typical arab philosophy - if you don't like someone or something it is OK to make up lies about them. If you want to villanize you can still stick to the facts.

Anonymous said...

I just watched an interview of Shula Cohen telling her story. She credits her faith as the only way she was able to endure the torture she was subjected to and I can only say I hope to have an ounce of that. She was selfless and strong beyond what a human being could ever be by their own merit. She sacrificed much to save many lives. Amazing woman.