Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Victim's sons go to Israel: more Jews to follow

Picture: Yemen News Agency

Two sons of the murdered Yemeni Jew, Moshe al-Nahari, have left Yemen to resettle in Israel, the
Associated Press reports (with thanks: binhaddou):

A prominent leader of Yemen's Jewish community said on Tuesday that two sons of a Yemeni Jew who was killed by a Muslim have left the country to resettle in Israel.

Yahya Yaish al-Qedeimi said that Moshe Nahari's sons left Yemen on Tuesday to escape harassment and threats against the country's small Jewish community.

Al-Qedeimi, the head of the Jewish community in Omran province, where most of Yemen's roughly 400 Jews live, told The Associated Press that the hostile environment would eventually force all of them to emigrate to Israel.

Nahari was gunned down in December by Abdel Aziz al-Abdi, who was eventually sentenced to death for the murder. Al-Abdi admitted to the crime and told the court he had warned other Jews to convert to Islam or be killed.

Same article in Haaretz (With thanks: Lily)

'All Jews in Amran preparing to leave for Israel': Yemen News Agency


Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

This story reminds me of the Fred Halliday article of about a month ago. Halliday, an old 1960s Third-Worldist "leftist", wrote about Yemen, pointing out that several foreigners had been murdered there, but not a word from Halliday about poor Moshe Nahari.

Now, the rabbi is quoted in one of the articles linked to as saying that several other Jews had been killed. Can anyone verify that?

bataween said...

This is the first I have heard of the claim in the Yemen News article that other Jews have been 'killed'. As for 'kidnapped' it is a fact that Jewish girls have been abducted.

Anonymous said...

Yemen is a poor nation. Many who have personal issuses or disputes such as a piece of land or a water way or a well usually end up taking the law into their hands. Yemeni Muslims are proud to have Yemenise of different religion in their land. They love their Jewish brothers. They have lived together for centuries in peace. This propaganda of hatered is only being fueled by the jewish media. As far of killings, I have seen that happen between muslims. It just seem to be on the front pages of the Jewish media when a Jew is killed.
To show that there's no hate between a Yemeni Muslim and Jew, the murderer was sentence to death. I'm sure the sentence was carried out soon after. What does that tell you?

I'm sure there are Israelis killing Israelis, is that on the world media?
There are crazy people everywhere killing anybody that disagrees with them. Let's not go far, look at what Israel's doing to the unarmed, poor childern, women and elderly in Palestine.

bataween said...

Yemenis will not have Jews sharing the land with them for much longer - fewer than 200 are left.
If Jews are not guaranteed the protection of the state they will all leave.
The sentence on Nahari's killer was not carried out immediately - in fact it has only just been approved by the Appeal court.