Monday, August 31, 2009

Muslims who rescued Jews from the Nazis

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The only Muslims who have been recognised as Righteous Gentiles by Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial in Israel, have been Albanian. Some 65 people saved some 2,000 Jews during the wartime occupation because of their code of honour, Besa. At the end of the war in 1945, there were more Jews in Albania than in 1939.

Norman Gershman, an American photographer, spent five years documenting this neglected story in his book Besa: Muslims who saved Jews in World War 11.

The popular blog Harry's Place has this link to an interview of Gershman on NPR radio."There are more good people in the world than Muslim terrorists," he says. Albanian Muslims tend to belong to the Bektashi sect, a Sufi subset of Shi'a Islam viewed as heretical by Sunni Islam.

The comments thread is worth reading. It features a heated discussion between hasan prishtina, who says that Gershman's book is valuable because the Albanians who saved Jews were persecuted by the subsequent Communist regime, and Philo-semite, who claims that Jews were saved mostly through Albanian inertia and failure to implement Nazi deportation procedures.

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Julia Gorin in World Jewish Revew


Independent Observer said...

We should all be wary of the eternal, politically-correct search for the good German or the good Muslim - all with a view to feeding the Muslim fantasy that the Jews have a moral debt to the Muslims for 1,400 years of "protection". [The Mafia could take lessons from the Muslims about providing "protection".]

A similar debate about the Albanian Muslim role has occurred on the blog of the very arrogant Totten:

Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom , and Julia Gorin have all criticised Totten for his little bit of Alabanian Islamophilia:

In contrast to Totten, Satloff's book, Among the Righteous, is an excellent view of the occasional "righteous gentile" among North African Muslims. The US Holocaust Memorial Museum has even posted two chapters online:

Independent Observer said...

Here are the USHMM-Satloff links in tinyurl format:

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