Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yemen Jews 'marginalised' by racist practices

Jews and other 'marginalised' people, known as Akhdam, are being segregated at school, forced to do menial jobs, and their women raped, the Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights charges in the Yemen Post:

"Yemeni Jews, Rabbi Yahya Moussa told media outlets that dozens of Jews have fled their homes in Al-Salem of Sa'ada governorate earlier this year after being received letter threats from Houthi's followers.

"Houthis attacked our property, confiscated our religious books and then give us ten days to leave the village," Moussa was cited as saying." Houthis threat us to be kidnapped or murdered if not fled our village," he added.

"According to the same sources, Jews of Al-Salem village were evacuated from their rural community to the city of Sana'a.(..)

"This story comes on the heels of a similarly shocking exposure of racist practice in a government school in Sana'a city. Earlier this year, in a state public school's staff ordered one of the marginalized people (Akhdam)'s students to clean the class everyday.

"What is happening in the most of public school is nothing less than the formalization of racism, said a garbage worker and Akhdam's affiliate who spoke in anonymity, adding that private school implements a policy in which Akhdam students are not allowed to be in a class with other students.

"Yemeni Observatory for Human Rights (YOHR) is warning of the increased violence against marginalized people and is calling for a rapid solution. "Large numbers of marginalized women have been categorically raped and in many cases, killed afterwards."

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