Sunday, July 05, 2009

Whose Nakba is it anyway?

Update: article now in English here

If Israel had devoted itself to explaining the catastrophe of the Jews from Arab countries, expelled and robbed of their property, the chances of peace with the Palestinians would improve, Ada Aharoni argues in this Ynet News piece (with thanks: Iraqijews). Here is a short summary:

One of the main causes of modern antisemitism these days in Europe is the anti-Jewish Palestinian propaganda campaign. To combat this basic factor, people must discover the truth about the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries. The world hears only abot the injustice that caused the Palestinian refugees but almost nothing about the Jews expelled from Arab countries - especially Egypt, Iraq and Syria. The numbers of Jewish refugees was greater, and so was the volume of private and communal property they lost.

This was ethnic cleansing: of almost 90,000 Egyptian Jews in 1948, only 38 people live there today. On the other hand, in Israel there are now one million Arabs (who prefer to call themselves Palestinians) - comprising 20% citizens of the state. Explaining these facts will bring benefits and change - to promote fairness, justice and truth. The half of Israel's population originating from Arab lands will be ready for real peace.

Ada Aharoni then explains how a Palestinian student at a course she taught in the US had himself declared the expulsion of Jews from Arab lands, and the acknowledgement of Jewish suffering, represented a kind of settling of accounts between Arab s and Jews.

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

This item is off topic of the present post but relevant to the Point of No Return blog:

Fred Halliday, one of those "Third Worldist" dinosaurs from the 1960s, still surviving today, apparently like the Bourbons, having learned little or nothing in the time elapsed since then, wrote a piece on Yemen's troubles on the "opendemocracy" site. Not surprisingly, although he mentions the murder of several foreigners, he has nothing to say about the recently murdered Jew, Moshe Nahari, nor about the age-old oppression of Jews in Yemen.

Halliday mentions sevreral foreigners murdered in Yemen recently. But he has nothing to say about the last Jew murdered there --Moshe Nahari was his name, I believe-- or the age-old oppression of Jews in the country. Nahari was murdered just a few months ago. How come Halliday does not mention him?

I tried to post the paragraph above on the "opendemocracy" blog but it does not seem to have gone through.

Anonymous said...

please, don't look for excuses. israel's treatment of palestinians is wrong and will turn back to them once.