Friday, July 24, 2009

Half of Jewish community of Iran expected to leave

With thanks: Olivia

This interesting and balanced video about the Jews of Iran must have been made some time ago, as Maurice Motamed has been superseded by Ciamak Morsadegh as the community's Jewish MP, but much of the content still holds true today. Although the community are said to 'have few problems', half are nonetheless expected to emigrate over the next few years. Here is the accompanying blurb:

"A Jewish MP in an assembly that routinely calls for the destruction of Israel, but Iranian Jews rights are protected by law.

"They're even exempt from the ban on alcohol, although discretion is advised. Iran's Jews have been here nearly 3,000 years. In 1979 most fled the Islamic Revolution to the US, fearing a pogrom which never came. Robert, a real estate agent has come back from LA to look for an Iranian wife and Shabbat prayers on a Friday night is the place to be. But times have changed. He's looking to marry young, and most girls think his age too high a price to pay for a ticket to the US and freedom. Behind closed doors Jews throw off Islamic dress and party freely to celebrate the birth of a boy. Soraya, baby Ramtin's aunt, says he can still expect a life of discrimination. They prefer to have Muslim people in their universities or in their factories..."

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