Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A heartfelt comment from Pakistan

Thanks to Hassan for leaving this heartwarming and eloquent comment on Point of No Return. He makes the important point that extremists in Pakistan made life miserable for everybody - not just Jews:

I was actually writing an essay for a local newspaper regarding the need for establishing bilateral relations with Israel. My search on Jewish Communities in Pakistan brought me to your blog.

There are still many historic symbols here that remind us of a once prominent Jewish Community. I remember from my college days, my college's building constructed during British Raj in mid 1800s had a Star of David on one of its towers! Then, I always wondered how it came to be there. Later, I learnt that Jews were prominent here in all walks of life.

I'm in my mid 20s. I like many from my young generation sincerely hope that democracy takes root, so that extremists never get the chance to rise again in our country. Let me tell you that as Moslems, we have no grudges whatsoever against our Jewish fellows. In fact the Jews and Moslems lived like brothers in Pakistan. It was only in the 1960s that religious extremists motivated by Arab frenzy started making life difficult for our Jewish compatriots. But these religious extremists made life miserable for tolerant Pakistani Moslems as well. Today, we in our country are striving to get rid of religious extremism, once and for all!

I really hope that one day we will invite our Jewish compatriots back to their homes and synagogues in Pakistan. They were an integral part of our society and we really miss them!

Greetings from Pakistan.



Anonymous said...

There ARE jewish people living in Pakistan.
Unfortunately Pakistan does NOT have diplomatic relations with Israel, so most of them live either as muslims or as "least concerned regarding religious affairs generation".
It is hoped that USA and western countries could influence Pakistani government to establish diplomatic ties with Israel.
It is unfortunate that in a country established in the name of Judic GOD, we can build pagan temples, but synagogoues cannot be built.

Anonymous said...

Hassan, there should be more people like you! Pakistan will be a better place for all people, regardless of race or religion. 442