Monday, January 05, 2009

Yemeni Jewish children assaulted over Gaza

The children of Yemeni Jews in Raida district of Amran province were assaulted on Sunday by Yemeni Muslim students enraged by the Israeli attacks on Gaza, according to News Yemen:

"Some Jewish kids were injured, one seriously, when Muslim students threw stones at them in solidarity with the Palestinian kids in Gaza.

"Zaher Kafra, Jewish, was seriously wounded and immediately taken to the Raida Hospital for treatment."

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Yemen Observer report

In other news, the Yemen authorities are allocating land and money for the relocation of the persecuted Jews of Amran to Sana'a province:

SANA'A, Jan. 03 (Saba) – Presidential orders have been made to relocate Jews in the areas of Raidah and Kharef in the province of Amran to Sana'a, a GPC member has said.

Member of the General Committee of the General People's Congress, the Ruling Party, sheikh Muhammad Bin Naji al-Shaef said arrangements got underway for the relocation which will start early this week.

The move comes after the Jews in these areas started recently to experience intimidations by locals.

Reports noted that President Saleh ordered relevant authorities to allocate a land plot in Sana'a and YR 2 million for every Jewish family in Amran.

Jews, therefore, should sell their properties in Amran and relocate to Sana'a where they will build their new homes in a special area for Jews.

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Photo: Amira al-Sharif

Meanwhile, The Yemen Times is reporting the trial of the murderer of Moshe al-Nahari is proceeding among bickering and threats. Relatives of the victim have demanded that the trial be transferred to Sana'a. The children of the victim (pictured above, playing) are being kept indoors as much as possible to protect them from local hostility.

Update: The relocation of the Jews has been delayed, says the UN human rights organ IRIN. One of the reasons they feel insecure is that under sharia law, Jews, as dhimmis, cannot be armed.

"According to (Rabbi Yahia) Yaish, the Jews were told by the authorities they would be moved to Sanaa City on 4 January, but that has not yet happened. “The Jews got ready to be relocated to Sanaa but the process of transferring us was delayed. We don't know when we can move,” he said.

“The longer we stay here in Raydah, the more the threats against us. We really fear for our lives and the lives of our children."

The Jews, unlike other local people in Amran Governorate, do not carry guns or daggers. Only the state can provide protection for them, said Yaish.

“When a minor problem occurs between a Muslim and a Jew, you can see armed men gather to protect the former. But when we get harassed, no one stands by us,” he said, adding that tension had been simmering in Amran since two Jews were killed by Muslims in separate incidents a few years ago.

Apart from the Jewish community in Amran Governorate, some 45 Jews live in Sanaa City, having been moved there from Saada Governorate, northern Yemen, in early 2007.

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