Friday, January 16, 2009

Relocation of Yemeni Jews to go ahead Sunday

After several posponements, the relocation of the harrassed Jews of Amran is finally set for Sunday, the Yemen Post reports:

Impatiently waiting for a transfer to Sana'a after they started to experience harassments in their first place, Yemeni Jews in Amran province are to relocate to the capital Sana'a next Sunday, head of the rights and freedoms committee in Parliament said.

All arrangements for the transfer have been completed with four housing complexes along with other requirements provided in Sana'a for Jews, Muhammad Naji al-Shaef said.

Chief Rabbi in the area Yahya Yaesh said that Jews were informed about the would-be transfer and assured all measures to transfer them to Sana'a on Sunday have been taken.

Jews will stay at these residential compounds until they receive land plots President Ali Abdullah Saleh allocated for them early this month in Sana'a, the rabbi said.

Meanwhile, security measures were intensified with police car standing guards at the houses of Jews in Amran as a demonstration was held in support for the Gaza people.

Authorities feared demonstrators may attack Jews. After the murder of a Jew in Amran early last month, authorities responded to intimidations Jews started to experience through arranging for a relocation to the capital.

President Ali Abdullah Saleh ordered the allocation of a land plot in Sana'a and YR 2 million for every Jewish family in Amran. The Jews' relocation was scheduled for the first time on January 1 but it was delayed because arrangements for it were not completed.

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Chas Newkey-Burden said...

Time for another magic carpet?

bataween said...

An airlift to Israel would seem to you and me the most logical solution. But these Jews have made the deliberate choice, for whatever reason, to stay in Yemen. They have put their security in the hands of the Yemen authorities, for good or ill.