Friday, January 09, 2009

Relocation of Yemen Jews postponed for third time

Yemeni Jews in Amran have expressed disappointment as their relocation to the capital Sana'a has been delayed, according to the Yemen Post:

The transfer was postponed on Tuesday for the third time. The announcement was made after the Jews along with governor of Amran and Sheikh Muhammad Naji al-Shaef travelled to Sana'a to have a look at 50 houses the government has allocated for them at the Tourist City in the Sawan Area.

Yemeni Jews claimed the houses were not large enough as each Jewish household consists of 8-17 members. Authorities then showed them other proposed residential units for them in the Al Hasaba and Al Jeraf Areas which they admired.A Rabbi, who asked not to be identified said authorities told them the delay comes because all arrangements for it have not been completed.

The relocation was scheduled for the first time on January 1, but it was delayed until January 3 and then until Wednesday January 6.

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The editor-in-chief complains that the Jews are getting preferential treatment


Anonymous said...

bataween, do you have figures on the total number of Jews still in Yemen?

bataween said...

Between 250 and 400 Jews still remain in Yemen.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

The editor-in-chief's complaint about Jews getting more than what they are entitled to is too much. Can we call it the epitome of hhutspah??