Monday, December 15, 2008

Yemen murder gang has Jews surrounded - rabbi

Contradicting reports that eight suspects have been arrested by the authorities, a Yemen rabbi whose brother was murdered last week claims that murder gang members have the Jews under virtual house arrest. The rabbi calls on Muslims to protect Jews: his brother will not be buried unless his killer is too. This from News Yemen (with thanks: Heather):

Some suspects allegedly continue to threaten a group of Jews in Al-Souk al-Jadeed area of Kharef district of Amran province, north Yemen, and prevent them to leave (their) homes.

Rabbi Yehiya Yaish, one of the leaders of Jewish community in Yemen, said that he and other Jews are under house arrest as eight suspected of killing his brother Moshe Yaish Nahari last Thursday are surrounding their houses since Saturday evening.

“We are under house arrest and cannot even open doors due to threats by the gang that is surrounding houses in the area and throwing stones to windows and doors,” said Rabbi Yaish in a telephone call with NewsYemen.

Yaish said that the “gang” is led by a companion of “a powerful” figure in the area, obstructing any official or unofficial procedures taken to stop threats and assaults against Jews.

Yaish said the order of the Interior Minister to arrest the eight suspects was “just for media coverage, but what is happening is that we are being attacked in broad daylight.”

Yaish refused to bury his brother Moshe and said Moshe would be buried together with the killer, calling Muslims to protect Jews.

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