Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yemen Jews live in fear after grenade attack

As attacks continue on the Jewish minority, the Yemen government's failure to protect the remaining Jews in the country puts the latter in an untenable position.

The National
of Abu Dhabi reports:

SANA'A : A hand-grenade attack early yesterday morning in a predominantly Jewish neighbourhood outside Yemen’s capital has shaken the population, coming just four days after a Jewish teacher was murdered in broad daylight.

“I heard a strong explosion that shook our houses while we were sleeping,” said Saeed Israel Jacob. “Somebody threw a hand grenade at our houses and ran away.”

Mr Jacob said everybody in Kharef district in the Amman governorate, 80km north of Sana’a, was afraid, but they did not know who was responsible for the attack.
Police said they were looking into the incident and would act on the Jewish community’s suggestion.

“We respect the Jews in Kharef. They are Yemeni citizens and receive equal treatment like Muslims. They are under the protection of the state and such attacks are incidental,” said Major Nabit Ali al Mahdi, the deputy security director for Kharef district.

Maj al Mahdi said there had been other reports of harassment of Jews and that two people had already been arrested in those cases.

However, Masha Yahia (rabbi Yahia Yaish, brother of the murder victim - ed), said the response of the police to reports of attacks was inadequate.

“My house was attacked with hand grenades some time ago. I reported that to the police but no action was taken. We are facing a lot of problems and we demand the protection of the state,” he said.

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