Sunday, October 19, 2008

'Ringworm' myth projects Mizrahim as Israel victims

The Blue Truth blog highlights another attempt by anti-Zionists in California to portray Mizrahi Jews as victims of the evil, colonialist state of Israel:

"One of the time-honoured canards of the anti-Israel forces is that Israel is a European colonialist state. The haters of Israel regard it as an highly inconvenient technicality that the majority of Israeli have their origin in the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

"When faced a group that was ethnically cleansed, with a population of nearly 900,000 in 1948 tumbling to 6,500 today- a group that haven't received a dime from the United Nations, what do the haters do? They scramble frantically- trying to rewrite history of the Mizrachi Jews and reframe the facts.

"The anti-Israel forces have been parading Reuven Abarjel about in a frantic effort to reframe these issues. Abarjel and his family came from Morocco to Israel in the 1950's. In a recent talk in San Francisco, Abarjel claimed the white colonialist Zionists practiced eugenics on the recent immigrants, subjecting them to bizarre medical experiments. Yes, its just another version of the "Damned Zionists-they are no better than the Nazis" song and dance we've heard so often.

"Reuven Abarjel was one of the "Ringworm children", treated by israel for tinea capitis; ringworm, a very common and very contagious fungal infection at the time. What Reuven has chosen to ignore is that his treatment was not "eugenics", but was the state of the art treatment , not just in Israel, but in Europe and America as well.

"According to a study published in California in 1949:

A recent epidemic of tinea capitis in children has revived a considerable interest in the methods of treatment of this disease. The most efficacious form of therapy for M. audouini infections is roentgen epilation. Cure was effected by this method in all of a group of 125 cases.

"Yes, this was 1949 in San Francisco!

"In spite of this, and dozens of other references in period medical literature Abarjel claims his treatment for this skin condition was really just part of a racist conspiracy from the white Zio-nazi colonial entity. Oh, those evil, evil Zionists with their evil, evil death rays!

"There has been a disproportionate number of malignancies reported in the hundreds of thousands treated for ringworm. Many nations have begun registries. In 1995, Israel began compensating those suffering from radiation related illness- and it remains one of the few nations of the world that does."

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Anonymous said...

How do we shut this guy up??

Anonymous said...

Once again, why are some Jews (like Abarjel) so anxious to undermine their own people?

The ringworm episode was nothing more than a classic case of medical error. At that same time, European countries made a much worse case of medical error in mis-use of thalidomide, creating "monster" babies.

The reason the Israeli ringworm scandal affected Sephardim more than Ashkenazim has nothing to do with Sephardi-Ashkenazi and everything to do with the fact that Israel of 1953 had more money and stability than Israel of 1948 - fighting for its life - and so could afford to devote public resources to large-scale public health projects - including redulting mistakes.

There WERE Ashkenazim treated for rignworm int he 1940's, but a the time of large-scale Ashkenazi immigration 1945-48, Israel just couldn't afford large-scale public health projects.

Finally, the Knesset began providing compensatory benefits to all the victims of this medical error, over a decade ago.

The left's turning a commonplace medical error into a crucifixion of the Jewish state is simply anti-Semitism, and Abarjel is a collaborator with anti-Semitism.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the promotion of this myth has been relatively quit for a few months now. It's just another anti-Semitic canard that's been stuffed back into the big bag of lies these bigots carry around with them like Santa Claus at Christmas. Wait a little longer, and it will magically resurrect itself again, when some the other fabrications they spew out have run their course and are no longer viable. Such garbage gets recycled again and again - like it has been since the Middle Ages.