Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Now UK Egyptian Jews appeal to UNESCO

The Association of Jews from Egypt in the UK (AJE) has joined sister organisations in the US and France in entreating UNESCO to help safeguard Egypt's Jewish heritage.

Maurice Maleh, on behalf of the AJE committee, has written to the current Japanese director-general of UNESCO suggesting that his agency take over custody of the archives of the Jewish community.

The AJE letter was prompted by disquiet at the recent statement made by the aspiring Egyptian contender to head UNESCO, Mr Farouk Hosni: ‘I’d burn Israeli books myself if I found any libraries in Egypt’.

"These are regrettably not remarks one would like to hear from a candidate for this important position," the AJE letter said.

"However, we believe it would greatly repair the damage done if you could convince Mr Hosni to transfer the existing Archives and Registers of the Jewish Community in Egypt to the protection of UNESCO," the letter went on." We hope of course that you would be agreeable to undertaking this important mission. These Archives and Registers are absolutely fundamental to our ancient Egyptian Jewish identity and our collective memory of our time in Egypt."

Access to Jewish documents in Egypt has been severely restricted and the authorities do not even allow the photocopying of certificates and registers.

Egyptian Jews appeal to UNESCO to intervene

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

the appeal to UNESCO seems to be a smart move, probably the best thing to do in the circumstances and all things considered. But the situation demonstrates once again the utter corruption and barbarism of the UN and its affiliated and subsidiary bodies.

Maybe the Egyptian Jewish groups could get various Jewish organizations involved in this appeal. Look at the AmerJewish Committee and AmerJewish Congress, Bnai Brith, Reform Jewish bodies, etc etc. This would be a good issue to raise really. It also demonstrates the problems with the Egypt-Israel peace treaty --and Egyptian non-compliance.

Yousef said...

It was sad to know how many Jews had forced to leave their country Egypt. I'm an Egyptian and would like to express my love and support to you all. Be blessed.