Thursday, June 05, 2008

Fourth Babylonian Jewry Congress opens 15 June

A spectacular line-up of politicians, historians, academics and writers is planned for the Fourth International Congress for the Study of Babylonian Jewry from 15 - 18 June. (With thanks: Iraqi Jews)

The Congress, which will be held at the Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv, will focus on a wide range of topics, from the history of Babylonian Jewry in antiquity to the economic and social integration of Iraqi Jews in Israel.

The US-based opthalmic optician Yeheskel Haddad will be among speakers exploring the part played by Jews in Iraqi medicine. The author Eli Amir will speak at a session focusing on the role of Jews in Arabic literature, and novels and poetry in Hebrew published by Iraqi Jews in Israel. There will be sessions on Kurdish Jews and the 1941 Farhoud.

A session on the legitimate rights of the forgotten million refugees from Arab lands whose communal property was seized will be led by Mordechai Ben Porat of the Or Yehuda Centre for Babylonian Jewry Center, Oved Ben-Ozer, WOJAC chairman, and Moshe Shahal, a former minister.

See Congress programme in full

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