Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jewish pilgrims stress ties to Morocco

Moroccan Jews profess their loyalty to the state during the annual pilgrimage to the tomb of Rabbi Nessim ben Nessim, Earthtimes reports:

Rabat, Morocco (dpa) - Moroccan Jews have stressed their ties with their country on the occasion of an annual pilgrimage to the sanctuary of a Jewish saint, rabbi Nessim Ben Nessim, in the province of Essaouira 400 kilometres south of the capital Rabat, press reports said Monday.

The week-end pilgrimage, which brought hundreds of Jews from several countries to the village of Ait Bayyoud, was a sign of the respect and fraternity between Jews and Muslims in Morocco, said Boris Toledano, president of the Jewish community in Casablanca.

Simon Levy, president of the Jewish community in Agadir, called on foreign Jews to invest in Morocco.

Visitors to the moussem (festival honouring a saint) also included Andre Azoulay, an advisor to King Mohammed VI, who also advised Mohammed's father Hassan II.

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