Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Deplore hotel racism towards Egyptian Jews!

In the light of the disgraceful refusal of the Marriott hotel Cairo to honour the reservations made by 45 elderly Egyptian Jews, let them know what you think of them, says Ami Isseroff of Zionation blog:

"In the United States, discrimination against hotel guests based on race, religion or ethnic origin is against the law. In the Middle East, it is not evidently. A group of elderly Jews who had many years ago been expelled from Egypt wanted to visit the old country. They booked reservations for the Cairo Marriott hotel. Everyone's reservations are safe at Marriott it seems, unless they are Jewish.

"Someone invented a story that these poor old people were coming back to claim the property that the Egyptian government had stolen from them. The reservations suddenly evaporated: "On Thursday morning, I got an e-mail from our travel agent saying the Marriott Hotel does not have adequate security for us and they have canceled our reservation," (tour organiser Levana) Zamir told The Jerusalem Post.

"A Marriott Cairo employee said there was no reservation for the group, and that he knew nothing other than what was published in the media. This sort of thing is to be expected of our peaceful Egyptian neighbors, but international hotel chains should be operating by different standards. It is sad that in the twenty-first century any person cannot get lodging because of their race, creed or ethnic origin.

"As far as I know, Marriott Hotels have not bothered to explain, comment, apologize, or offer to pay damages. They are making believe it has nothing to do with them.

"If you think it is unfair, you might want to let them know:

Marriott International Inc.
Marriott Drive
Washington, DC 20058

Phone: 301-380-3000
Fax: 301-380-3967

BBC website article


Aimee Kligmanm said...

The Marriott is not at fault here folks. I have been following this trip since its inception back in March.
The Marriott was tipped off by Egyptian authorities who realized the lie perpetrated by Amr Adib who decided to circulate a rumor which quickly developed legs. Realizing that safety was an issue, the hotel did not want to take responsibility, and in hindsight, one can understand why.
It would have been suicidal by both parties involve to go ahead with this trip after the explosive climate the rumor created.
It seems that the Jewish Center of Cairo headed by Ms. Weinstein made no appeals on behalf of their compatriots, and in fact, distanced themselves from the trip way before the rumor ever started.
Something stinks in Cairo.
And it isn't the Marriott
Aimee Kligman

Unknown said...

I am outraged to hear this, I am a Muslim from Somali who lived in Egypt for 8 years and know I live in MN. I believe that the 45 elderly who wanted to visit their old country have to the right to visit where they were born. Also, is against Islamic laws, but in this case Egypt they have any Islamic laws that I know off. The sheikh of AL zaher should come out say something about this, but he is too soft which controlled by the GOV of the Egypt. I deeply wanted to apology about their behavior and actions. where the human feeling at.

Unknown said...

Mr. Anonymous I know that palestinian are geting killed, but is not realted to this. Isreal and Palestiaian need to slove thier probelm without outsider. Your Arab GOV done more harm than Isreal Done. You could not balme people for what Isreal Gov done. We have to follow the correct teaching of islam where the hate and rasim should not be in place. Islam teach promate love and peace and our Prophet mohamed (PUPH) done the best way to show it. Even the people who oppersed him in hardtime, showed them a mercy and love. Those people are Egypt and they have the right to return to place they were bron. palestinian issue has nothing do with this.

Anonymous said...

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