Thursday, May 01, 2008

Bahrain naming of Jewish envoy 'not official yet'

Reports that Bahrain is to break two taboos at once by appointing a female Jewish ambassador to the US, turn out to be premature. The candidate herself, Huda Noonoo, is at pains to stress that nothing is official yet, according to an AP report carried in the International Herald Tribune :

"Huda Nono, legislator in the all-appointed 40-seat Shura Council, would only confirm she is among those considered for the post and referred further queries to the foreign ministry in Manama.

"I am one of the contenders," Nono, a mother of two and the second Jewish member in the legislature's upper chamber, told The Associated Press. "Nothing is official yet."

Yasmina Britel, press officer for the Bahraini embassy in Washington, said Nono is "one of the nominees," and that King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa would make the official appointment at an unknown date. Britel says this "could be tomorrow" or "in six months."

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