Monday, April 21, 2008

...while Jews of Yemen celebrate 'Easter'

Buried in this picturesque account in The Yemen Post of Yemenite Jews celebrating Passover - the reporter calls it 'Easter' - is a rabbi's urgent plea to Muslims in the country to show greater tolerance to non-Muslims.

"Like other Jews across the globe, Yemeni Jews celebrated on Saturday the first day of Easter in a calm atmosphere. The celebrations are due to continue until next Thursday.

Actually, next Sunday - ed.

"According to senior Jewish Rabbi Suleiman Jacob, Jews observed this merry and happy occasion in which Allah saved Moses and his believing companions from Pharaoh and his soldiers by performing prayers of supplications.

A quaint description of the Exodus from Egypt and the reading of the Haggadah.

"Unlike the celebrations of Jews in Israel and foreign countries, Jacob revealed that Yemeni Jews are conservative and there is no mixing during the religious festivals they celebrate, hinting such celebrations are strange to them.

Obligatory dig at Israel, but it is not clear what the reporter means by 'mixing'.

"He as well called on Islamic scholars to do their own duties and to raise the awareness of people as for having proper relations with non-Muslims in a way that achieve the principle of peaceful coexistence under the constitution.

Translation: Jacob pleads with the Muslims to treat the Jews of Yemen better during the current in-fighting. The Jews have been forced to flee their homes and some of these have been torched.

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