Sunday, March 16, 2008

Justice for Jews group to testify at UN in Geneva

Justice for Jews from Arab Countries has been invited to testify before the United Nations Human Rights Council during its upcoming 7th session in Geneva, on March 18, 2008.

JJAC plans to focus attention on the displacement of Jews and other minority populations from Arab countries. Testimony will include the fact that neither the mass violations of human rights nor the uprooting of Jews and others from Arab countries has ever been adequately addressed by the international community, specifically the United Nations.

JJAC will testify that since 1947, there have been some 824 resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, which have dealt with the Arab-Israeli conflict. Of these, 126 dealt specifically and only with Palestinian refugees. Not one UN resolution has ever dealt with the issue of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. JJAC seeks to restore the plight and the truth of Jews from Arab countries to the Middle East narrative from which they have been expunged and eclipsed.

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