Thursday, January 10, 2008

Someone please tell Bush about Jewish refugees

Someone had better remind President Bush that there were more Jews from Arab countries than Palestinian refugees and more Jewish property was confiscated than Palestinian property.", says Menahem Benn writing an opinion piece in today's Israeli mass circulation newspaper Maariv entitled 'Justice for justice' (With thanks: Tom Gross)

Benn alludes to a recent major feature in Haaretz by Adi Schwarz and to a piece a few weeks ago in Maariv by the influential columnist Yaakov Achimeyer, as well as the words of Irwin Cotler, ex-Canadian minister of Justice. He says there were, according to the Arab states' own statistics, more than 850,000 Jews who were expelled or fled Arab countries, whereas the UN quotes 720,000 Palestinian refugees fleeing or expelled from Israel.

Benn makes the point that the Jews lost far more property than the Arab refugees, equivalent to 100,000 sq. kilometres.

"What does all this mean?" opines Benn. " It means that the suffering of the Palestinians was not more than the suffering of the Jews. Israel must declare this to the world. And what better opportunity than Bush's visit?"

Read article in full (Hebrew)

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