Sunday, January 27, 2008

Moroccan Jews in Israel happiest, but not healthy

Moroccan Jews are happiest with life in Israel, while Polish Jews grumble the most, according to this report in Ynet News. But happiness does not guarantee good health:

"It has finally been scientifically proven: Israelis of Moroccan descent are extremely satisfied with life in Israel, where as Polish Jews appear decidedly less contented, this according to a unique study conducted by the Ruppin Academic Center Institute for Immigration and Integration and published in Yedioth Ahronoth Sunday. The study, which examined the quality of life of Israelis of various ethnic origins, also uncovered that Polish Jews appear to be in far better health than those of Moroccan descent.

"Coordinated by Dr. Karin Amit of the Institute for Immigration and Integration, the study examined the quality of life and health of 1,500 individuals over 50 who had immigrated to Israel.

"Amit found that Israelis born in Far-Eastern and African countries had rated their quality of life far higher than Jews of European descent. Ashkenazi Jews, paradoxically, seemed to be in far better health than their Sephardic counterparts."

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Anonymous said...

The industrially polluted and Mizrahi-filled Krayot are probably enough to explain it.