Saturday, January 26, 2008

Moroccans meet Israel ex-Chief Rabbi Lau

A high ranking Moroccan delegation has met Israel Meir Lau, the former Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel.

According to a press release issued by the World Association of Moroccans Abroad, talks held in Amsterdam between the Chief Rabbi of the state of Israel and the Moroccan delegation focused on peace, security and co-existence in the Middle East.

The press release said: "The Moroccan delegation stated that His Majesty the King has denounced the Hezbollah leader.

"The Moroccan delegates, Muslims and Jews together, stated that reaching a comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace agreement will allow the Arab States and Israel to confront common issues and threats.

"Israelis and Palestinians must fulfil their obligations in accordance with International Law, including humanitarian issues.

"The King maintains close ties to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Both sides stressed the importance of intensive cooperation with the White House and Brussels.

His Majesty calls upon President Shimon Peres to have the Israeli authorities banning 'the collective punishment' of Gaza residents following the recent closure of the borders and the halting of fuel, medical and food deliveries to the Strip.

"Ahead of the United Nations Holocaust Memorial Day (01.27.2008) the Moroccan delegation stressed the importance of teaching Holocaust Studies to younger generations.

Chief-Rabbi Israel Meir Lau, a survivor of the Nazi Auschwitz extermination camp, blessed the individual members of the Moroccan delegation and conveyed his Barakah to His Majesty Mohamed VI, the King of Morocco."

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