Sunday, January 27, 2008

Congress of Jews of Egypt proceedings published

The proceedings of the World Congress of the Jews of Egypt held in Haifa in July 2006 have now been published. The result is a unique book, titled History and culture of the Jews of Egypt in Modern Times. The book contains articles by 30 world-famous academic researchers, including the works of the three editors, Ada Aharoni, Aimee Pelletier and Levana Zamir.

This book describes the Golden Era history of the Jews of Egypt during the 19th and 20th centuries and contains sociological articles about their multiculturalism, culture, religion, women's status, and how they spent their leisure. It also tells how they became refugees, and how they were absorbed and rehabilitated in different countries. The book deals too with the need to accept 'The Other' and looks at the Mediterranean Option - how the merging of Western and Oriental cultures in the region, as in liberal Egypt until 1952, could foster peace and benefit all the countries in the Middle East.

The 554- page book is in English, French and Hebrew and contains beautiful historical pictures of a model multicultural society that is no more.

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