Friday, January 11, 2008

Chelsea football manager had Iraqi-Jewish mother

Here's one factoid that not many football fans are likely to find out: the Israeli Chelsea team manager Avram Grant had an Iraqi-Jewish mother.

In its profile of Avram Grant focusing heavily on the tragic history of his father's family, The Jewish Chronicle reveals that Aliza Nisan from Iraq married Polish Holocaust survivor Meir Granat in Petach Tikvah. They had three children: Avram and two younger daughters. Aliza died in 1997.

Aliza did not approve of Avram's passion for football when he was growing up.
"My late wife had a fiery temperament and she gave Avram a hard time," Avram's father recalls." He was bright and did well at school. But as he got older, he was not prepared to invest in his studies and only wanted to play football.

" I remember Avram bought a new football and Aliza cut it up. She wanted him to become a doctor or lawyer."

So far, Aliza sounds like all Jewish mothers. But the article does not tell us the really important details:

Did Aliza feed Avram kibbeh? Does he hanker for her kitchri? Does he miss her tbeet? I suppose we'll never know.

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