Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After long dispute, Kfar Shalem residents evicted

The residents of the southern Tel-Aviv neighbourhood of Kfar Shalem - most of who came to Israel from Yemen - finally lost their fight to stay in their homes. It is not clear from this Haaretz article by Meron Rapoport whether they are receiving any compensation.

"Police evacuated roughly 30 families from the southern Tel Aviv neighborhood of Kfar Shalem Tuesday morning, after a long legal dispute over land slated for a housing project.

"The disputed section of the neighborhood lies between Mahal Street and Moshe Dayan Street. A bulldozer was brought in to begin demolition.

"Dozens of social activists were at the scene protesting the evacuation. Police arrested a total of seven people - two protesters and five residents.

"Hadash MK Dov Khenin called on Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai to stop the evacuation immediately. "It's impossible to accept the expulsion of people from apartments they have lived in for years for the benefit of real estate entrepreneurs. The mayor must remember his duty to the city's residents," he said."

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Kfar Shalem Yemenites win stay of eviction

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Anonymous said...

We have been in touch with the community over the last months and can say for certain that at this time there has been no compensation. The courts ruled earlier that any discssion of compensation would take place only after the evictions. In practice, this means that the now-homeless residents have no leverage to negotiate for decent alternative housing and fair compensation. If you are concerned about this situation, please express your concerns to Ron Huldai, Mayor of Tel-Aviv: +972 3 521-8244 (voice) / +972 3 521-6597 (fax) or Ze'ev Boim, Minister of Housing and Construction: +972 2 584-7106 (voice) / +972 2 582-4111 (fax)

Dan Rice & Ilise Cohen