Wednesday, September 05, 2007

About 250 Israelis travel to Iraq every year

About 250 Israelis have been traveling to Iraq every year, most of them businesspeople, who include a number of defense industry representatives, Haaretz reports (with thanks: Lily).

Most of the Iraq-bound travellers fly through Amman on Royal Jordanian Airlines, according to confidential figures from the airline that TheMarker has obtained.

Some of the Israelis hold dual citizenship and enter Iraq on non-Israeli passports.

None of the travelers, though, are tourists. There are also no groups of Israelis born in Iraq returning to visit their birthplace (although some had plans for a visit - ed).

Others traveling from Israel include journalists, and employees of the UN and other international organizations.

Many Israelis fly Royal Jordanian through Amman on their way to the Far East, and now also to Europe.

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