Friday, August 03, 2007

Yemenites work up a sweat over food article

Two Yemenite Jews in Israel are suing a newspaper which printed a nutritionist's claims that fenugreek in Yemenite cuisine causes them to smell, Ynet News reports. (With thanks: Albert)

Yemenites walk around with a cloud of pungent odor that lets people know they're coming from five feet away. This is also true in winter," wrote the strictly Orthodox Yated Ne'eman newspaper this week. The reason cited by the paper for this "phenomenon" is the frequent use of the fenugreek spice in traditional Yemenite cuisine.

The article, penned by nutritionist Yael Kariv, focused on the recent heat wave as it related to sweat, and the connection between perspiration and diet.

Social activist Haim Ezer and spice merchant Sagiv Mahfud – both of Yemenite heritage - were angered by the article and filed a lawsuit demanding the paper publish an apology and pay them $11,500 compensation.

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