Friday, August 10, 2007

The Israeli left has betrayed Mizrahi Jews

The appointment of the anti-Zionist Meretz Candidate, Raadi Sfori, to the directorate of the JNF is proof of a leftwing Israeli pathology of guilt, appeasement and contempt for the rights of Jews from Arab countries, argues David Shalom in the Five Towns Jewish Weekly.

"The Israeli Left is ignorant of the Arabs they pretend to so love. For the most part, they do not speak Arabic, they have not read the Koran, they are unaware of Islamic history, and are ignorant and patronizing towards the Jews from the Arab lands.

They are uninformed of the history, culture, and experiences of these Jews, who comprise nearly 50% of Israelis today. Indeed, in their sublime arrogance, the leftists call these Jews Mizrahim—“Easterners”—but the fact is that the Jews of Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria, etc. came from more western lands than the impoverished ghettoes of the Ukraine and Poland. The complete silence for over 50 years by the left-wing establishment in demanding basic compensation from the Arab world for the annihilation of Arab Jewry, for the theft of their lands and property is part of their betrayal. To the Left, only Arabs have rights in this region."

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

The phenomenon of the Israeli Left in particular and of the historically ANTI-Jewish attitudes of the Left in general are a complex subject. The Communist Left took an avowed pro-Muslim position as far back as 1917, a few weeks after the Bolshevik putsch in Russia. The Communists and their offshoots, such as Maoists, Trotskyists, Castroists, continue this policy till today. In this policy the Left converges with the pro-Muslim policies of the British Empire, as enunciated by Arnold Toynbee, among others. See link:

For a more general discussion of the origins of Leftist Judeophobia, see link below:

Since much or most of the Israeli Left has always wanted to be part of the international left, then it had to keep step with international leftist denunciations of Israel and the Leftist whitewashing of the Arabs, which was ironically also British policy from about 1920 till now.

The Jews from Arab countries or from Muslim non-Arab countries could not be allowed to disrupt or spoil the stereotype of noble, anti-imperialist Arabs [& Muslims} that was spread and preached by the international Left. Even the great wealth of the Arab oil states today and the influence of their money and their control of a vital commodity, oil, on policymaking in the EU states and the USA, etc., is not noticed by even those Leftists who focus on economics.

Today the Left has been reduced to a mad cult that has gone beyond the bounds of factual knowledge and reason.

Anonymous said...

I am a Mizrahi Jew of Bukharian descent but I also have Iraqi, Persian, and Yemenite Jewish ancestry. This article is bull. Nothing in Israel had betrayed the Jews. I am grateful to Israel for being a safe haven for my people. Muslims did NOT treat Jews very well in their lands. Israel is the only country the Mizrahis have.