Monday, August 06, 2007

Despite discrimination, fewer Jews are leaving Iran

Fewer Jews have been choosing to immigrate to Israel from Iran. Ynet news speculates on why this is.

Despite suffering discrimination and facing a harsh financial situation, Jews from Iran are immigrating to Israel in smaller numbers each year. While in 2005, 113 Jews arrived in the country from Iran, the number in 2006 stood at only 65. So far in 2007, 64 olim have arrived in Israel. (..)

The Jewish Iranian community in the US has even offered a $10,000 grant to all those who make aliyah to Israel. However, although Iran does not prevent Jews from leaving the country to states from which they can easily immigrate to Israel, the numbers of olim are dropping. “So far, those who managed to escape are members of the wealthy families,” said Yossi Shraga of the Jewish Agency. “Many families cannot leave because their sons serve in the army. Once they are discharged, they will be able to leave Iran.”

Ella, 24, who arrived in Israel from Iran two weeks ago, said that the treatment of Jews in the Islamic Republic was getting worse. “The Muslims discriminate against us. If you go to ask for something at a government office in Iran and they recognize that you’re Jewish, they will not attend to you.”


Anonymous said...

Get ready for this to be the new anti-Israel propaganda for Jew haters everywhere....

bataween said...

It is already!