Thursday, August 09, 2007

Film-makers plan project about Lebanese Jews

Three London-based journalists who by day work for Reuters and the BBC are researching an independent film about Lebanese Jews.

They are looking for Jewish people living in or originating from Lebanon to talk about what it is like to live in Lebanon or, if in the diaspora, their relationship with Lebanon.

They want to make a film about what has happened to one of Lebanon’s oldest communities and what it means to be Lebanese and Jewish today. Among other issues they are interested in exploring are whether it is possible to be openly Jewish in Lebanon and if it is possible to live according to Halakha. They are hoping to interest the BBC in showing their film.



Anonymous said...

Let me guess, the BBC will find some obscure questionably Jewish people in Lebanon who are extremely anti-Israel and pro-Hezbollah. Mark my words.


Anonymous said...

Or they'll emulate The New Republic (see: Stephen Glass).

Caroline, I suspect all the remaining Jews in Lebanon are obscure by necessity :). I'll resist the temptation to make obnoxious remarks about the BBC and their motivations though.


Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Caroline is probably right.